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Millionaire’s Club Self-Study Online Program Launches

The CU Foundation MD|DC has launched a new online self-study option for the successful Millionaire’s Club personal finance program. The self-study program is made up of six courses that teach students how to build the financial skills they can rely on for their lifetimes.

Through 29 lessons and more than 80 activities and quizzes, students learn good money habits, how to set goals, create a spending plan and the responsible use of credit.  They also learn about countering identity theft, evaluating job and career decisions, understanding employee income and taxes, investing and insurance.

“The self-study program is an exciting enhancement to our existing in-person Millionaire’s Clubs,” said Leigh Philibosian, director of the Credit Union Foundation MD|DC. “This program is a great tool for individual students who don’t have access to an in-school program yet, home-schooled students and their parents, clubs and community organizations. Additionally, teachers can use it to supplement their financial literacy courses or existing in-person Millionaire’s Clubs.”

The Millionaire’s Club was developed by the CU Foundation MD|DC to make learning personal finance skills fun and engaging. The program is available to schools and credit unions nationwide at no charge through the Foundation’s site.  Over 2,100 students benefit annually from in-person participation in Millionaire’s Clubs at over 50 schools.

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